Wicket Security settings overview

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The Security screen manages the access and permissions for the Person record.

Here you can send a Password Reset email, or re-send the Email Confirmation email if a Person requires them again.



The Roles applied to a Person controls what and where they have access to. By default the "(system) > user" role is applied to a Person record. This allows them the ability to login.


When a Person becomes a Member, a "member" role will also be added for each core membership, division, branch, etc. that is added.

Add Roles

Wicket admins can manually add roles to users as well. For example, a Person can be made a wicket administrator by adding the "(system) > administrator" role.

Click "Add role" and select "(SYSTEM)" as the Organization. Then select "ADMINISTRATOR" as the role.


The Person will now have administrator permissions within the wicket administration panel.


Revoke Roles

To revoke, click "Revoke role" in the Roles list. You will be asked to confirm the revocation. To confirm click "Yes, Revoke role." The role, and associated access and permissions will now be removed from the Person record.


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