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When first joining your organization as a member, a user must complete an Onboarding membership order.

Depending on your configuration this can be accomplished by the new member themselves, or through the wicket administration panel by a wicket user. For this article, we'll focus on wicket.

Create Member

  1. Within the Wicket Admin panel, click Create > Member
  2. Enter the person's email address (Note that this email address must not already be in use as a Primary email address for any other existing person)
  3. Enter their First Name & Last Name
  4. Click "Create member"


The person will receive a confirmation email with a link to confirm their account. This link must be clicked in order for the user to be able to log in.

To set their password, an Admin can send the person a "Reset Password" email via the Security section of the Person record, or the user can visit select "Forgot your password" from the login screen.

Note: The user must confirm their email via the confirmation email link prior to setting their password.

Create Membership Order

In the Person's account click on the "Create membership order" button.


The page will refresh, and you will be taken into the order flow. The order flow includes several steps, including gathering information from the user and adding items to their order.

Step 1: Profile

If the person's profile has not yet been filled out on their Person record, step one of the order process gathers this information, and allows it to be updated or edited.


Step 2: Membership

The Membership step is where you select the desired membership type for this person. Depending on your wicket configuration, this page may include other membership options such as Branches, Divisions, Sections, etc.

From the dropdown, select the Member Type for the person. Once adding it to the order, it will appear in the Order Summary. If pro-ration is enabled in your configuration, this will appear in the Order Summary as well. Note: The Order Summary does not display applicable administration fees or taxes at this point.


Step 3: Additional info

The Additional info step collects data required for the person's membership such as Education, Collage registration, Employment, or other data you'd like to collect.

Once completed, a green "checkmark" icon appears for each section.

If this data already existed in the Person record, it can be updated, edited, or added to in this step.


Step 4: Preferences

The Preferences step collects data such as the person's language(s) and their communications preferences.

If this data already existed in the Person record, it can be updated, edited, or added to in this step.


Step 4: Insurance

The Insurance step (if offered by your organization) contains any questions required for purchasing insurance. The contents of this step can be configured to your needs.


Step 5: Add Ons

The Add Ons step (if offered by your organization) may contain additional purchase options such as Journals, Sponsorships, etc. The contents of this step can be configured to your needs.


Step 6: Review

The Review step allows you to review each line item with any associated automatic discounts (such as pro-ration). Here you can also apply manual discounts (adjustments) by clicking the "Adjust items" button and setting $ or % discounts, and see the applicable taxes.


Step 7: Donation

The Donation step (if offered by your organization) allows you to add a donation to your foundation to the order. The amounts can be configured to your needs.


Step 8: Pay

The Pay step offers a final view of the order including all items, prices, taxes, and fees. Once satisfied, click "Pay & Complete Order."


The order is now completed. Note: If Order Approval is enabled in your wicket instance, you will need to Approve the order on the next screen before it is completed, and a credit card is charged.

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