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Ryan Knuth
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When a new season is available for Renewal, and the member has a current membership, a "Create Renewal order" button will appear in the Person record.


Click this button to start a Renewal order. The steps to complete a renewal order are the same as an onboard order.

Some notes about renewal orders, depending on your configuration:

  • Wicket will copy forward all, or some, of the member's current details in order to make the renewal process as streamlined as possible (e.g. Member Type). You, or the member, can make changes to these orders if desired.
  • Your wicket instance may be configured with rules that force a membership change based on the previous year's data, or data contained within the Additional Info section.
    For example, if a student has graduated, you may force them to renew as a different member type.

Lapsed members

If a member has a gap in their membership, they will still be allowed to renew for either the current membership year or next membership year (if available).

In the case of a lapsed member renewal, the order will be held for administrator Approval to ensure the details are correct.

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