Manual adjustments and discounts

Ryan Knuth
Ryan Knuth
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There may be times when you need to apply a discount (adjustment) to a line item during an order.

This can be accomplished in wicket on the Review screen.

  1. To discount a line item, click the "Adjust items" button.
  2. An adjustment form will appear for each line item.

    Note: Depending on your configuration, each line item (membership, addon, etc.) may, or may not, allow adjustments.

    First, select the type of adjustment, either percentage or dollar-based. Then, enter the amount you'd like to deduct. The "Adjusted" price will automatically update based on your entry.

    When you've finished, click "Save and Recalculate Totals."
  3. The order details will now show the original price, the adjustment applied, with the Subtotal now reflecting the adjusted prices.

    Notes: A member will see these adjustments on their invoices, receipts, and order history. These adjustments are applied pre-tax.

Remove an adjustment

  1. To remove and adjustment, click "Adjust items"
  2. In the amount field, enter "0" (zero)
  3. Click "Save and Recalculate Totals"

The adjustment will now be removed from that line item. 

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