Resolve a Recurring Payment

Ryan Knuth
Ryan Knuth
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When a recurring payment (monthly or quarterly payments that are processed automatically) has failed (for example, the member's credit card has been declined) a "Resolve" link will appear below the payment in the Payments section of the order. Resolving the payment will ensure the number of remaining payments on the order is correct.
To resolve the payment, click "Resolve."
To confirm resolution, click "Mark as resolved."
The status of the payment will now be marked as "Resolved" and the number of scheduled payments will again be correct. You can then collect a manual payment from the member in order to bring their account back to balance.
Note: Marking a recurring payment as resolved will not have any impact on the order's balance. Resolving it without collecting an alternate payment will result in the order having a positive balance at the end of the season.

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