Apply Payment to a failed or pending recurring payment

Ryan Knuth
Ryan Knuth
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When a member has selected recurring payments for their membership order (e.g. Monthly, Quarterly) a payment is processed on a schedule.

When payments have failed or are pending, you can apply a manual payment to bring the order back up to date.

On the failed or pending payment, click "Apply Payment."


The payment form will open. Depending on your configuration, different payment methods will be available. The original amount and due date for the recurring payment will be automatically populated. Enter the payment information and click "Add payment."


Once processed, the recurring payment line will show "Paid" as the status as well as the new payment date and comments you have added. This will also reduce the number of Remaining Payments remaining on the order and the Outstanding Balance as expected.



  • If the credit card used to apply the payment fails, the payment will show in a Fail state

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