How-to: Remove a duplicate Person record

Ryan Knuth
Ryan Knuth
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Occasionally, a member may end up with two or more Person records in your Wicket admin. This, for example, can be caused when a person: a) forgets they already have an account and creates a new one, or b) Depending on your configuration, a Person record can automatically be created for anyone registering through an Eventbrite event, Mailchimp list, or Shopify purchase if they use an email address other than their current Primary or Alias recorded in Wicket.

Wicket allows you to merge some data to the proper Person record, and add the new email as an alias to ensure this doesn't occur again.

  1. Ensure the records are, in fact, for the same person
  2. Decide which record you'd like to keep, and which one is the duplicate
  3. In the duplicate record, navigate to their Touchpoints screen to Reassign their touchpoints to the record you're keeping.
  4. Note the email address used on the duplicate record
  5. Delete the duplicate Person record
  6. In the Person record you're keeping, add the noted email address and mark as "Is Unique." This will ensure any future activities and touchpoints are tied to the one remaining record.


Note: Currently, only Touchpoints can be reassigned to another Person record.

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