Wicket Roles Overview

Ryan Knuth
Ryan Knuth
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Wicket is deployed with a list of default roles with different capabilities. The descriptions of the functionality of each role are listed below.

In addition, custom roles can be created for the purpose of controlling permissions in integrations. For more information please discuss with your Wicket implementation or support contacts.

administrator Allows user to view/edit all records
member Any user with an active membership
member_administrator Legacy - Will be deprecated

Similar permissions to a regular admin
membership_manager Allows user to edit org membership and assignments, but not the org or person profiles related to that org
membership_owner Allows user to edit org membership, but not the assignments, or org profile
read_only Allows user to view all person & org records, but no Create, Update, Delete abilities
user Allows user to log in to the system and access their own record
branch_administrator Allows user to only view/edit records associated with a specific membership scoped to an org, and also edit org records
division_administrator Legacy - Will be deprecated

Allows user to only view / edit records associated with a specific Division membership
finance Legacy - Will be deprecated
staff Legacy - Will be deprecated

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