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  • Additional Info: A configurable area on Person and Organization records that can collect custom data for your needs



  • GroupAn entity to group Person records for tracking committees, boards, and other groups
  • Group MemberA person who has been added to a Group


  • Identifying Number: A unique number given to Person and Organization records within Wicket. This number appears at the top of the profile.
  • Is Primary: A flag on contact information denoting which address, email, phone, or web address the person considers their "Primary." Note: For email, this also controls which email is used for login.
  • Is Unique: A flag on an email denoting that another Person cannot use this email in Wicket.


  • Leave: A feature to allow Wicket administrators to track when a person is on leave


  • Member (Person or Organization - Active): A person or organization with a current, active membership in Wicket
  • Member (Person or Organization - Inactive): A person or organization with a membership in Wicket that has lapsed, or not yet started based on start and end date
  • Membership Assignment: A person record that is assigned membership via an organization membership
  • Membership Plan: A way to connect your membership tiers to billable products in your integrated billing service such as Stax Bill
  • Membership Tier: An individual membership that can be assigned to a Person, Organization, or either


  • Organization: An entity in Wicket for tracking companies or other non-person records


  • Person: An entity in Wicket for tracking people such as contacts, members, or admin users


  • Relationship: A connection between a Person and another Person, or a Person and an Organization


  • Single Sign-On (SSO): A feature within Wicket that allows people to login to multiple systems using the same login credentials. Examples are Wicket admin panel, Website, Event platform, etc.


  • Tag: Can be added to a Person or Organization for further categorization. This tag can then be used to filter exports from Wicket.
  • To-DoA feature to allow administrators to assign tasks to other administrators within the system.
  • TouchpointData recorded on a Person from internal or external actions. Examples are sign-in events via Wicket's SSO, or actions from integrations such as received an email, opened an email, attended an event, etc.


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