v2.60.0 - January 9th, 2023

Ryan Knuth
Ryan Knuth
  • Updated

New Features

  • Relationships can now be extended with a single additional info section, allowing custom data to be saved along with the record. The additional info section can also be scoped based on the type of relationship.
  • Relationships can now be defined between organizations. An update has been made to the relationships importer to include the "Relationship From" attribute - specifying 'Person' or 'Organization'. Extension with additional info applies to org-to-org relationships as well. 


  • Added the ability to export Relationships.
  • Added support for importing Membership Owners on Organization Memberships.
  • Added support for importing Name (FR), Alternate Name (FR), and Description (FR) fields on Organizations
  • Added french support for Date picker widgets.
  • Added a new "Membership Ends" filter which allows admins to find Person / Organization records ending on a specific date.
  • Pheedloop integration: Add support for syncing Job Title and Organization fields. Organization is determined via Membership assignments.
  • API: Added group member details to the Person Search index, also added the ability to filter group members using search keywords via the Group Members endpoint.

Bug fixes

  • Pheedloop integration: Resolve a bug where a touchpoint is only created for successful registrations.
  • API: Resolved issue with the /organizations/:organization_id/connections endpoint not respecting the 'include' parameter.

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