v2.62.0 - March 13th, 2023

Ryan Knuth
Ryan Knuth
  • Updated

New Features

  • Widgets: Added a new Organization Profile widget which allows editing of organization details to be embedded directly within your website. The Additional Info widget has also been extended to support Organizations.
    • Note: In order to use the organization widgets, and new widget tokens endpoint was added to the Wicket API. This endpoint must be called server side to generate a token suitable for use with the widgets.


  • Person Importer: Updated importer to support all 25 sublist fields.
  • Mailchimp: Added support for syncing a person's active groups as Mailchimp tags.
  • Constant Contact: Any fields over the character limits enforced by constant contact will now be truncated by Wicket before syncing a person's profile.

Bug fixes

  • Resolved issue where changing an organization membership end date would not cascade to membership assignments that had no end date specified.
  • Resolved a regression where the default Relationship type was not selected properly when adding a new membership in the UI.
  • Additional Info Widget: Resolved issue where date picker fields were not respecting the current locale.

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