v2.64.0 - May 16th, 2023

Ryan Knuth
Ryan Knuth


  • Resolved performance issues loading Relationships when a Person or Organization has a large number of entries.
  • Added support for tags on Membership Tiers.
  • Changing the "Parent" field on an Organization will now cascade updated_at to all previous and new ancestor organizations.
  • API: Added the ability to include deleted records on Person Memberships, Organization Memberships and Connections index endpoints via the filter[with_deleted]=true filter parameter.
    • Note: Only administrators have permission to view deleted records.
  • API: Added the ability to force delete an organization membership with assignments via the force_destroy=true query parameter

Bug fixes

  • Touchpoints: Ensure the details column is displayed with consistent formatting throughout the Wicket Admin.
  • Touchpoints: Resolved bug when combining Organization filter with Relationship Type filters. People records being shown are now restricted to those with a relationship to the Organization.
  • API: Resolved issue where pagination query parameters were not supported on resource-specific connection endpoints. eg. /organizations/:organization_id/connections
  • WooCommerce Integration:
    • Resolved bug when a membership assignment is transferred from one Organization to another. This change may require an upgrade to the Wicket <> Wordpress PHP plugin which includes an additional bugfix.
    • Resolved issue syncing Membership Tier Type; in some scenarios, type would be incorrectly set to Individual instead of Organization.
    • Resolved issue where blank membership end date would not be updated in Wicket if a date had previously been synced.

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