v2.84.0 - June 19th, 2024

Ryan Knuth
Ryan Knuth

New Features

  • Segment Actions (private beta):
    • Added support for actions on segments that can be triggered when people are added and removed.
    • Our first action is the ability to add and remove a tag from people records.
  • Membership Enhancements:
    • Added support for a grace period (in days) on membership records. The MDP will automatically calculate an expiry date while still retaining the expected end date.
      • A membership is still considered active while in grace period.
      • Note: grace periods are not currently supported by WooCommerce. A new plugin (still in development) will add native support.
    • Added a new "Delayed" status on membership records starting in the future.
    • Added support for editing membership assignments from the Person > Membership page.
    • Replaced the "Billing" column with "Managed externally" on the memberships listing. The new column includes hyperlinks for WooCommerce, Staxbill or an icon for cascaded memberships (⚡️).
    • When creating an organization membership, added the ability to automatically grant the owner a membership assignment.
    • When renewing an organization membership, added the ability to copy all assignments from the previous record.
    • Added Expires At, In Grace, and Category fields to Segments.
  • When creating a new person, added the option to specify if the user role is automatically assigned (useful for preventing confirmation emails from being sent immediately).


  • Segments (private beta):
    • Added Communication Preferences.
    • Various improvements and bug fixes based on both internal/external feedback from users.
  • Staxbill Integration: Added the option to specify a "Terms and Conditions / Privacy policy" checkbox on the onboarding payment screen.

Bug fixes

  • Relationships API: Fixed issue when trying to use the filter[active_eq]=true|false filter on connections. This issue does not impact the more commonly used filter[active_at] filter.

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