v2.47.0 - August 31st, 2021

Ryan Knuth
Ryan Knuth

New Features

  • Membership Plans

    Wicket now has the flexibility to support bundling membership tiers together for Fusebill integration customers. Our new Membership Plans feature will allow you to combine several membership tiers together to offer both optional and required products as part of the membership plan you sell.

    Membership plans rely on Fusebill plans. In Fusebill, you’ll create a plan that contains your required and/or optional products. You can then map these products to tiers in Wicket to create your own Membership Plan.

    Important to Changes to Membership Creation as a Wicket Admin

    It’s important to note that for existing Fusebill/Wicket customers, this will not disrupt your existing memberships or your members. The only change you’ll notice is that now you can select between non-billable membership tiers and billable membership plans when accessing membership assignments via Wicket as administrators.

    If you want to bill your member, you’ll choose the options under Membership Plans and if you want to provide the membership for free, you’ll choose the options under ‘All Membership Tiers’. This is only in Wicket’s administrative panel; there are no differences for members.


  • Search: Searching people by email address will now match against all emails instead of just the primary email address.

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