v2.57.0 - Sept 7th, 2022

Ryan Knuth
Ryan Knuth

New Features

  • Rollup of People Touchpoints on Orgs
    • Organization view of touchpoints for people associated with the organization (either via Membership Assignments or any type of Relationship) - is now available on the Organization Profile and under Touchpoints within the Org
  • Higher Logic: Wicket Groups can now be synced to Communities in Higher Logic


  • Higher Logic: Added support for syncing company name, the value is determined by the most recent "employee" Relationship on a person record.
  • Organization Membership Tier changes will now be cascaded to all membership assignments when updated
    • Note: This does not apply to memberships controlled by external systems such as WooCommerce.
  • The maximum number of communication sublists has been increased from 5 to 25.

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