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The Relationships feature allows you to create a connection between a Person and one or more Organizations.

Add a Person to Organization relationship

To add a Person to Organization relationship, navigate to the Person's Relationships section, and click "Add Relationship."


The Add Relationship form will open.

  1. Select "Relation To > Organization"
  2. Search for, and select, the Organization you'd like to create the relationship to
  3. Select a Type for the relationship
  4. Optionally, enter a Description, Start date, End date, and/or Tags

Notes: The Organization field pulls in records from the Organizations section of Wicket. The Type field is a pre-defined list based on your configuration and can be edited under Settings > Entity Types > "Relationships - Person to Organization" in Wicket admin. The Tags populate based on existing Relationship tags, or allow you to create them if they don't already exist.

When completed entering data, click "Save."


The relationship will now appear in the Relationships table for this person. There is no limit to the number of relationships that can be added to a person record.


Edit a relationship

To edit an existing relationship, click the row in the Relationships table.

The Edit Relationship form will open with the data ready to be edited. Once editing is completed, click "Save."


Delete a relationship

To delete an existing relationship, click the row in the Relationships table.

The form will open in the same way it does for editing. At the bottom of the form, click "Delete."


As this is a permanent action, you will be asked to confirm your deletion. Click the "Really delete?" button to confirm, or click "Cancel."


TIP: To navigate to the organization listed in a relationship, click its name.



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