SSO Overview

Ryan Knuth
Ryan Knuth

Wicket Single Sign-on is available for integrations with third party applications and websites.

Single Sign-On is a key component of the Wicket service offering. It is delivered by a reference implementation of the Central Authentication Service architectural pattern. Apareo’s CAS application offers enterprise-grade SSO capabilities through an open and well-documented protocol which includes support for pluggable authentication (LDAP, database, X.509, 2-factor) and multiple protocols (CAS, SAML, OAuth, OpenID).

The CAS system is fully integrated into our SaaS infrastructure and its presence is fully transparent to our clients and integrators. CAS can act as the identity provider to enable single sign-on into other applications using Wicket’s credentials. Alternatively, CAS can act as a proxy delegating the authentication process to another identity provider while still acting as the entry point for SSO requests.

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