What is a To-Do and why use them?

Ryan Knuth
Ryan Knuth
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The To-Dos feature in Wicket was developed to allow administrators to assign internal tasks to themselves, or other administrators.

What problem is the To-Dos feature solving?

Prior to the To-Dos feature, assigning an internal task needed to be accomplished offline. This feature lets you track these tasks directly in the Wicket admin panel.

What are the use cases for the To-Dos feature?

Some common use cases for are to assign and track:

  • Set a day and time to remind another admin to reach out to a member, or perform another account-level task
  • Remind yourself to complete a specific account-level task

When a To-Do is assigned, the assignee receives an email notification and the To-Do also appears on the main Wicket dashboard under "My To-Dos."

Each task can be tracked as Open, Pending, and Completed.

Once completed, another email notification is sent to the Requester.

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