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Ryan Knuth
Ryan Knuth
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To add a new To-Do, navigate to the Person or Organization record this To-Do will apply to.

  1. Within the right tabbed navigation, click the To-Do icon. The To-Dos panel will open.

  2. Click "Add To-Do" within the panel.

  3. Fill out the following in the new To-Do form:
    1. Describe this to-do (required) - A quick description of the to-do
    2. Assigned to (required) - By default, this will populate with your own name, but you can assign this to any other user.
    3. Due on - Select a date in the future this to-do must be completed on or by
    4. Notes - Add any additional information required for the assignee to complete the to-do.

  4. Click "Save To-Do"

The To-Do is now saved on the Person or Organization record where it was added. The To-Do will show who it was created by and when, who it is assigned to, the status, and it's due date (if applicable).


The Assignee will receive an email notification with the To-Do's details, and it will also appear in the "My To-Do's" section of their Wicket dashboard.

Tip: The To-Do's tab will now show a counter for any non-completed To-Do's for this record.

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