Configure the Lambda Suite Store integration

Ryan Knuth
Ryan Knuth
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To configure the Lambda Suite Store integration, complete the following steps:

  1. In Wicket, navigate to the Settings page (/admin/settings) and click “Integrations”

  2. The Lambda Suite Store Integration is displayed with a status of “New”

  3. Click “Edit configuration” for Lambda Suite Store. You'll be taken to the configuration screen.

  4. To enable the integration, select “Yes” for the Enabled field.

  5. Select the data synchronization flows desired for the integration

  6. Select the fields to be synchronized in the Inbound and Outbound flows

  7. Configure the Membership Mapping Non-Member Group ID.

    This ID relates to the group you have configured in Lambda Suite Store for non-members.
  8. Configure the mapping between Wicket Membership Tiers and the Lambda Suite Store Groups.

    Select the Wicket Membership Tier to map from the dropdown. The Wicket Membership Tiers are pulled form those configured within your Wicket instance.

    Enter the Lambda Group ID you'd like to map your chosen Wicket Membership Tier to.

    Repeat the above process to add as many mappings as you require.
  9. Enter your Lambda Suite Store Credentials

    Lambda should provide you these credentials before setting up the integration:
    • Lambda Suite Store Base URL
    • Lambda Store Code
    • API Key

    The Lambda Admin Code is the last part of the admin URL for the Lambda Suite Store and it should start with “admin_”.

  10. Click "Save"

    If your API Credentials are correct your settings will be saved and you’ll receive a success notification.

    If your API Credentials are incorrect you’ll receive an error message. Please correct your API Credentials and try again.

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