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Ryan Knuth
Ryan Knuth
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Create a new Group in Wicket with the following steps.

  1. In the main navigation, click the "Create" button, then "Groups."

  2. The New group form will open
  3. To create a group, the only required fields are:
    • Group Name
      • Enter a descriptive name for the group
    • Group Type
  4. Optionally, enter the following data:
    • Description
      • An open text field to allow you to add a brief description of this group.
    • Start date and End date
      • Enter both, or only one. These dates will define if the Group is "active." Leaving these fields blank will default the Group to "active" as well.
    • Add a group administrator
      • Click the button and search for an existing Person record in Wicket to define as the group administrator. This data could be used for internal purposes, or to allow the group administrator to manage the group through a webpage on your website (this functionality would require custom development on your website).
    • Organization
      • The Group can be associated with a specific group in Wicket. Start typing the name of the organization in the field and select.
    • Add website
      • Add a website for the Group if desired
    • Add address
      • Add an address for the Group if desired
  5. Click "Create Group"

Your Group has now been created and group members can now be added.

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