Setting up Arlo Touchpoints

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Ryan Knuth
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Touchpoints are automatically enabled once the Wicket-Arlo integration is enabled.

The Wicket-Arlo integration has been configured using Arlos webhooks which will send a touchpoint to Wicket each time a user registers, attends/completes or cancels registration for an event or training in Arlo.

Follow the step-by-step instructions to synchronize touchpoints from Arlo to Wicket.

    1. Log in to your Arlo admin account and go to Settings

    2. In the Advanced section, click on the "Webhook endpoints" link

    3. In the Webhook endpoints section, click "New"

    4. Create your Webhook endpoint by filling out the form


      The endpoint URL should be: https://{Wicket API URL}/hooks/arlo

      From the list of events to be tracked by the webhook choose:

      • Contact.Created
      • Contact.Updated
      • Event.Created
      • Event.Updated


      Click "Save."

    5. Once the webhook endpoint is saved, a key will be created. To get your webhook key, find your webhook on the list of existing webhook endpoints and click on it. Click the "Show the key" link.

    6. Copy the key and paste it on the "Arlo’s Webhook Key" field in the Arlo integration settings page in Wicket and click "Save."

The Webhook configuration is now complete.

Tag your events

In order to track touchpoints on an event, the event must be tagged in Arlo as "Training" or "Event."

If the Arlo event has no tag, its activity will not trigger a touchpoint creation in Wicket.

  1. To tag your event, select it from the list of available events and click on the Actions button.

  2. Click the "Tag" action. A Tag events box will appear. Enter "Training" and/or "Event."

  3. Click the ‘Tag event’ button. Your event is now tagged, and will trigger touchpoint creations in Wicket.

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