Arlo Integration Overview

Ryan Knuth
Ryan Knuth

Admin Configuration

  • The configuration page allows administrators to manage the settings for the integration. 
  • From this page, the administrators can enable/disable the integration. If the integration is enabled, the administrators can activate/deactivate the outbound sync, select the allowed fields to sync for either people or organizations and map memberships from Wicket to Arlo organizations.

Outbound Sync

  • When outbound sync is enabled, the basic profile information of the people and organizations in Wicket is synched to their Arlo user account so they don’t have to maintain that information.
    • From the configuration page, Wicket administrators can control which profile fields for a person (address, phone, membership, and title) or organization (address and phone) will be synched from the Wicket people and organizations to the Arlo contacts and organizations. 
  • A Wicket person is matched to its corresponding Arlo user account by the primary email address registered in their profile. If there is not a corresponding Arlo user account with the primary email address, a new account will be created once the Wicket user logs into Arlo.
  • A Wicket Organization is matched to its corresponding Arlo account using Wicket’s UUID. To set this up, you’ll need to create a custom field in Arlo for organizations labeled Organization UUID. Once this is done, Wicket organizations can successfully synchronize data to Arlo. 

Inbound Sync

  • Inbound sync allows contact information from Arlo to be updated or created in Wicket.
    •  New contacts in Arlo will be synced to Wicket when they create an account in Arlo. Data for existing Arlo contacts will also be updated in Wicket if you edit any of their profile information in Arlo. 
    • Inbound sync does not include organizations or membership status.
    • Inbound sync is automatically enabled by Wicket and is integral to SSO. If you’re using SSO, you cannot disable this. 

Please contact Wicket support before disabling inbound synchronization as it could have serious impacts on the way your integration functions. 


  • Touchpoints allow the Wicket administrators to track training and event registration in the Arlo system.
  • Whenever a user registers, attends/completes or cancels registration for an event or training in Arlo, a touchpoint is created in Wicket with the following information; timestamp, action, course code, details, and training, course or event data.

Organization Custom Fields

  • Admins configuring the Arlo integration are able to choose which Arlo custom field will receive the membership information for organization contacts

Membership Mapping

  • All organizations sync to Arlo, regardless of membership, however, an admin can choose which organization field membership synchronizes to.
  • The options in the dropdown menu will be the name of custom fields stored on organizations in the Arlo instance that are currently configured

Organization UUID

  • Admins can choose which organization field the Wicket UUID synchronizes into from the dropdown on the configuration page
  • The options in the dropdown menu will be the name of custom fields stored on organizations in the Arlo instance that are currently configured

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