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Touchpoints are records of any interactions people make between an integration and wicket. For example, Mailchimp campaigns sent, Eventbrite events registered for, and products purchased through Shopfiy.

As a Wicket administrator, you can view, filter, and export this data.

View Touchpoints

On the main Touchpoints screen you can see a chart of the past 12 months of data, including the Total Interactions, Average Monthly Interactions, Top Month and Top Service.


Hover over any of the monthly data points to see the total touchpoints recorded for that month.


Tip: Within the Touchpoints table, you can click on a person's name to access the Touchpoints section of their Person record.

Filter Touchpoints

To filter the touchpoints data, select any combination of available filters and click "Apply."


Export Touchpoints

The touchpoints data can be exported to an XLS file by clicking the "Export" button. Any filters you have applied will affect the data contained in the export as well.

When the export is complete a "Download report" link will appear. You will also receive an email with the link to the export.


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