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Ryan Knuth
Ryan Knuth
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The Manual Touchpoint feature allows a Wicket administrator to add various touchpoints with a member. Depending on your configuration, this could be a phone call, email, or other manual contacts.


Add a Manual Touchpoint to a Person record

  1. Navigate to the Person's Touchpoints screen and click "Add Touchpoint" at the bottom of the Touchpoints table
  2. Within the Add Touchpoint form, enter the following:
      • Action, from the configured dropdown list
      • Date/Time, in YYYY-MM-DD, HH:MM (24hr) format
      • Title
      • Note, with the ability to style the text with a Rich Text Editor


  3. Click "Save" to save the Touchpoint, or "Cancel" to dismiss the form.

The new touchpoint will now appear in the Touchpoints table, in reverse chronological order. The name of the Wicket administrator who created the touchpoint is automatically added in the Details.


Edit a Manual Touchpoint on a Person record

To edit a Manual Touchpoint, click on it within the Touchpoints table. The Edit Touchpoint form will open. Once completed with editing, click "Save" to save the Touchpoint, or "Cancel" to dismiss the form.



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