Reassign Touchpoints to another Person

Ryan Knuth
Ryan Knuth
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Occasionally you may end up with duplicate Person records if a person creates a new account with another email address, or uses a secondary address to register for events, receive emails, etc.

As part of de-duplication efforts, you can reassign all touchpoints from one Person record to another.

Reassign Touchpoints

Navigate to the Person record you intend to delete and go to the Touchpoints screen.

 At the bottom of the Touchpoints data table, click "Reassign all touchpoints."


In the "Reassign To" search box, start typing the name or email of the Person you'd like to reassign these touchpoints to. When you find their record, select it.


Click the "Reassign" button to confirm, or "Cancel" to stop the process.


Once the Touchpoints have been reassigned to the other Person you'll receive a confirmation message.


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