Setting up Webhooks from Moodle to Wicket

Ryan Knuth
Ryan Knuth
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For Webhooks, Moodle integration requires the plugin “WebHooks” to be installed from the Moodle Plugins Directory. Once it’s installed, configure it following these steps:

    1. Go to the "WebHooks" page located under the “Server” sub-menu in the Site Administration section (/local/webhooks/index.php).

    2. Click the “Add service” button.


    3. Enter the following fields:
      • Name: No specific name is required, so enter a Name that is descriptive of this configuration
      • URL: Use the Wicket URL for Moodle’s webhooks: https://{Wicket API URL}/hooks/moodle
      • Token: Use Wicket’s Moodle authentication token. You’ll find this token at the bottom of the configuration page of the Moodle integration in Wicket.
      • Events: Select the events that will be tracked in Wicket as touchpoints:
        • \core\event\course_completed
        • \core\event\user_enrolment_created
        • \core\event\user_updated

    4. Click "Save Changes."

The Webhooks for the Moodle to Wicket integration are now configured.

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