Configure Membership Sync & Mapping to Absorb Departments

Ryan Knuth
Ryan Knuth
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To enable the Membership Sync feature of the Absorb LMS integration, first the integration and the outbound scenario must be enabled. 

Map Wicket Membership Tiers to Absorb Departments

To enable the Membership Sync, click on the Membership as Department Assignment checkbox in the Synchronization Fields.


The “Add mapping” button and the Absorb 'Non-Member' Department dropdown will be enabled as long as the integration is enabled and credentials have been validated.

Start adding mappings:

  1. Click on the “Add mapping” button
  2. Select the Wicket Membership Tier to map from the dropdown. The Wicket Membership Tiers are pulled from those configured within your Wicket instance.
  3. Select the Absorb Department from the dropdown. The Absorb Departments are pulled from those configured within your Absorb instance.
  4. Repeat the above process to add as many mappings as you require and click "Save."

Select a Non-Member Department

  1. To set the default ‘non-member’ mapping, select the Absorb Department from the listing. The Departments available in the dropdown are pulled from those configured in your Absorb instance.
  2. Click the "Save" button.

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