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Ryan Knuth
Ryan Knuth
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Your organization may have implemented a Membership Directory or Find a Professional tool into your website for your users. These are custom-built by the developers of your website and pull membership data out of Wicket using the API.

Depending on how the feature was developed, some common questions or issues may arise:

  • Non-members or expired members appearing in the Directory
  • Incorrect or outdated contact information appears for the record

In most of these cases, Wicket does not control the data being displayed, or filtering available. Wicket acts as a "read-only" database. If the member's data appears correctly in Wicket, this typically indicates an issue on the website side.

A quick test

To test this, navigate to their person record in Wicket, click to edit their Personal Details in the Profile page, then click "Save" without editing any data. This will force Wicket to queue this record for a re-index in the search results. 

If this does not resolve the issue, please contact your website developer to troubleshoot the API calls being made, and the functionality of the filters in the directory. Should the developer have any questions about the Wicket API they can submit a request to Wicket support.

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