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Organizations within Wicket can be organized by tagging them. They can then be filtered by those tags on the Organization screen, and for exporting.

Add a Tag to an Organization

New or existing tags can be added directly to an Organization's record.

  1. On an Organization's record, click "Edit Tags" within the Tags panel.
  2. Start typing the Tag you would like to add. When a match for an existing tag is found, click it from the dropdown.

    If you are entering a tag that does not yet exist in Wicket, click "Create tag:" within the dropdown to create and apply this tag. The tag will then also become available for other Organization records in Wicket.


  3. When you've completed adding your tags, click "Save."

    The tags are now saved on this Organization



Remove a tag from an Organization

  1. To remove one or more tags from an Organization, click "Edit Tags."

  2. To remove one tag, click the "x" icon beside the tag.

    To remove all tags, click the "x" icon on the right side of the Tags panel.

  3. Click "Save." The tag(s) will now be removed.

Note: If a tag is removed from all Organization records within Wicket, it will no longer appear within any filters or exports. Person and Organization tags are separate lists.

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