Wordpress & WooCommerce Support Guidelines

Ryan Knuth
Ryan Knuth

Customer’s WordPress & WooCommerce installations will be managed by the Wicket Support team within the boundaries described herein.


  • Triage of all support requests using Wicket’s online support portal
  • Maintain a staging environment that replicates the functionality of the live website and ecommerce environments for the purpose of testing, QA, and UAT
  • Ad hoc training and how-to’s to ensure Customer’s staff are empowered to self serve on the WordPress and/or WooCommerce platforms

Hosting Infrastructure Support:

  • Manage relationship with website hosting provider, specifically, Digital Ocean, for the purpose of ensuring all installed software is available and responsive
  • Troubleshoot issues with server downtime, server performance and load times
  • Manage web server logs for the purpose of troubleshooting

WordPress Support Includes:

  • Proactively manage and install updates to the WordPress Content Management System (CMS) Core as they become available.
  • Proactively manage and install updates to WordPress Plugins, including WooCommerce, that have been installed on the Customer’s WordPress website by Wicket, as they become available.
  • Routine bug fixes and troubleshooting of functionality that is not operating as intended
  • Troubleshooting integrations between WordPress and 3rd party systems

WooCommerce Support Includes:

  • Troubleshooting any issues related to the WooCommerce <> Wicket integration that tracks Users, Memberships, and Touchpoints
  • Assisting Customer with the preparation of annual seasonal rollout, including configuration changes to pricing, taxation, or other similar configuration changes
  • Troubleshooting and providing guidance for the integration between WooCommerce and the selected payment gateway
  • Troubleshooting integration between WooCommerce and Financial Management System if configured
  • Troubleshooting order, subscription, and payment issues
  • Leading communication with third-party WooCommerce plugin developers and overseeing bug fixes related to the implementation. 

Out of scope:

Wicket’s Services team is available for the completion of requests that go beyond standard support and operations. Examples of non-support items that can be quoted as projects by our Services team include:

  • Changes to the workflow of the member onboarding and renewal process, unless such changes can be made via point-and-click configuration changes
  • Creation of new WooCommerce reports that go beyond the Out of the Box reports provided in the WooCommerce back end
  • Configuration of new workflows or automations using WordPress or WooCommerce tools and plugins
  • Content and graphics changes, including new page layouts or templates
  • Addition of new functionality within WordPress, including addition of new Plugins, changes to existing Plugins, or removal of Plugins
  • Any task that involves the writing of custom code within the WordPress platform, including modifications to custom code that was developed as part of the WordPress solution for Customer
  • Group training sessions for multiple Customer staff members, and/or training requests for formal training sessions that are greater than 1 hour in length
  • Management of legacy web environments for more than 30 days post launch of new environments (e.g., when a new website is launched to replace an existing website where Wicket is maintaining a staging environment of the existing website)

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