Wicket Customer Support Guidelines

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At Wicket, your success is our success. Our commitment to you, our customer, is to ensure our mission-critical software is working as designed for you. When an issue arises, we’re here with a supportive and helping hand.

To contact Wicket customer support:


Help Centre

For frequently asked questions and how-to’s, visit our Help Centre first.



Online Support Requests

Login to our support portal using your unique username and password, and submit a support ticket.



Email Support

You can email customer support at any time. support@wicket.io


Support Hours:
Customer Support is available during business hours, Monday - Friday, 9am to 5pm EST, excluding Canada and Ontario Public Holidays. Support is available outside business hours for Urgent requests. See below.


Types of Support Requests

How-to / Question

A question on how to use a specific Wicket feature.

Technical Issue

A problem with how Wicket is expected to function. This could include a bug you have identified or an issue with how an integration is functioning.

Configuration Request

A request to update a core configuration within Wicket that is not available through Wicket’s Admin Panel.

Product Feature Request

A request for a new feature or a feature enhancement of Wicket or a Wicket integration.


Priority and Target Response Times


Use for requests that are...

We’ll respond within ____ to confirm receipt.

We’ll update you:


Routine and not time sensitive, such as how-tos and new feature requests.

2 business days

When resolved


An inconvenience but there is a workaround available for now.

1 business day

When resolved


Time sensitive and preventing you from completing a task and no known workaround.

4 business hours

As agreed upon, and when resolved


Related to a service outage or is resulting in a major business impact.

1 hour*

As agreed upon, and when resolved

* For Urgent requests submitted outside of business hours, response times may be delayed and we will endeavour to respond as soon as possible

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