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As a Wicket admin, you can filter People to view and export a subset of data.

Filtering People

The filters available may depend on your configuration, but default filters for People can include:

  • Membership Tier (you can select many Tiers, and this will return anyone with an active membership in any of the applied tier filters)
  • Membership Active On (returns any People with an active membership on this date)
  • Membership Ends (returns any People whose membership ends on this date)
  • Membership Organization (if the person’s membership is assigned via an Organization)
  • Tags
  • Roles


To filter, select the options and click “Apply.”

Applying filters will change what data appears on the People page. Filters are displayed at the top of the page, with the option to remove one or all as needed. To remove one applied filter, click the “x” icon beside the name of that filter. To remove all applied filters, click “Clear filters.”


For more/custom filtering options, these may be available in your reporting tool which will be discussed in an upcoming course.

Exporting People

You can export filtered data or all data on the People screen. When filters are applied, only the filtered data will be included in the export. Exporting without filters will export all records.

To export the data, click the yellow “Export” button.

For People, you have the option of selecting Person Details which includes information such as name, contact info, etc., or Memberships which includes their membership tier as well as start and end dates.


Depending on the number of records included in your export, this can take a few minutes to complete. Once completed, it will present you with a “Download report” link. If you have navigated away from the page, you will also receive an email with the link.


Clicking “Download report” will automatically download the export in a XLSX file.

Note: Exports contain general profile, contact information, and membership information for People. Additional/custom information may be available in your reporting tool.

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