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Create Segments

Accessing the Segmentation Feature

  • Login: Log into Wicket Member™ with your credentials.
  • Navigate: Go to the "Segments" section in the main navigation.

Creating a New Segment

  • Click on the "New Segment" button: Find and click the "New Segment" button or select “Segment” from the Create “+” dropdown.


  • Define Segment Metadata
    • Name: Enter a name for your segment (e.g., "Active Members in Alberta").
    • Description: Provide a brief description of the segment for future reference.
    • Select the Wicket Entity: Select the Wicket Member™ Entity to filter on. Currently, only People are available. Future iterations of Segments will allow for segmenting of Organizations directly.
    • Segment Type: A choice of either a Dynamic, real-time segment or Static, fixed segment that is not regularly updated.
    • Access: Define the visibility of the Segment - only me (only the creator of the segment can see the segment and its results) or all admins
      (all Wicket Member™ administrators can see the segment and its results, but not edit it).

  • Define Segment Criteria
    • Set the criteria for the segment using the available filters:
      • Person Profile: Demographic information, i.e. age, gender, location, etc.
      • Additional Information: Any additional custom attributes specific to your organization.
      • Membership: Details associated with a person’s membership.
      • Relationships: Relationships a person has with other people or organizations.
      • Touchpoints: Purchase history, website activity, email engagement, etc.
    • Add Filters: Use the "+Rule" or “+Rule Group” buttons to include multiple criteria.

  • Save and Preview the Segment
    • Click on "Save Query" to save the Segment criteria and “Preview Results” to see the list of members and non-members that match your criteria.

  • Process the Segment
    • Once satisfied with the preview, click "Process" to finalize the creation of the segment.

Manage Segments

  • View Segments: The main Segments page lists all existing segments you’ve created or have been made available for viewing by other admins.
    • Quickly identify the type of segment, how many records are within the segment and who created the segment. Any automations applied to the segments are also easily identifiable. 
  • Edit Segment: Select the segment you want to edit. Adjust the criteria as needed and “Modify Query”. Save the changes.
  • Refresh Segment: Select the static segment you want to refresh and “Refresh” the results. This is not applicable for Dynamic segments as those will be updated automatically whenever new records meet the defined criteria.
  • Delete Segment: Select the segment you want to delete. Click the "Delete" button and confirm the action.

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