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The Roles section of the Security tab controls the person's permissions for access to Wicket, your website, or other integrations (if applicable).

Default roles

User role

Depending on the configuration of your Wicket installation, the 'user' role may be applied automatically by the system when a new Person is created, or it may not and requires the Administrator to apply it manually (See "Manually add a role" below).

The 'user' role controls whether or not the Person has the ability to use the Wicket Single Sign-on (SSO) system to log in to your website, or other applications integrated with Wicket.

When the 'user' role is applied, Wicket will send an Email Confirmation to the Person. From there the Person can click the link to confirm their email address, and set a password.

Organization roles

When a person has an active membership with your organization, the "member" role will automatically be added for each membership type they belong to. For example, they may have a membership with your Organization as an Individual, plus an assigned membership via an Organization.


Administrator role

In order for a person to access the Wicket admin panel, they must have the "administrator" role added to their list.

Other roles

Roles can be configured based on your needs. The roles list may contain others specific to your configuration of Wicket. They may grant read-only permissions for Wicket to a user, provide access to other application integrations, etc.

Manually add a role

  1. To manually add a role, click the "Add role" button below the Roles list.

  2. The Add role form will appear. Select the role you'd like to add.

  3. Next, search for the Organization this role is tied to. Note: System-level roles will not require an Organization selection, and this field would not appear.

  4. Click "Save role."

    The role is now applied to the person including any associated permissions.

Revoke (remove) a role

  1. To revoke a role, click the "Revoke role" link.

  2. Click "Yes, Revoke role" to confirm the removal of the role.

    The role and its associated permissions will now be removed from the Person.

    If you made a mistake, you can add the role again using the "Add a role" instructions.

Revoke the 'user' role

When the 'user' role is applied to a person record, this allows them to use Wicket MDP Single sign-on.

This includes both end-users and administrators.

If the user's access to your Single sign-on needs to be revoked, you can accomplish this by revoking the 'user' role. They will not be able to login again until the role is added back manually by an administrator.

  1. Navigate to the Person record, then their Security page
  2. Click "Revoke role" beside the 'user' role. Confirm by clicking "Yes, Revoke role"

The person's SSO status is now marked as "Revoked" at the top of their profile.


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