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When a new person is created in wicket, they will be issued an email containing a unique link to confirm their email address.

NOTE: A person will not be able to login to wicket or your website (if configured to use wicket as the user authentication source) if they have not confirmed their email.

After clicking the link in their email, they will be prompted to create a password for their new account.


How do I know if they have confirmed their email?

Within their Person record in wicket, a "NOT CONFIRMED" label will appear beside their email address if they have not yet confirmed it.


Once confirmed, this label will change to "LOGIN."


What if the user has not received the email, or accidentally deleted it?

Within the Security tab of their Person record, a wicket admin can click the "Resend confirmation" button to re-issue the email confirmation.

NOTE: Previously issued email confirmation links will be invalidated. Only the most recent confirmation link issued is valid.



Occasionally a user may forget to confirm their email address and submit a complaint of being unable to login to wicket or your website. During troubleshooting, it's best to first confirm in their Person record if they have completed the confirmation step.

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