User reports login error message - "This account has been locked"

Ryan Knuth
Ryan Knuth
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Occasionally, a user may report receiving the following error message when attempting to log in with their credentials:

"This account has been locked"


This typically happens when a user has set their password, but has not yet confirmed their email via the Email Confirmation email sent when their record in Wicket was created.

To verify and resolve:

  1. Navigate to the person's profile in Wicket.
  2. At the top of their profile, check if their email address is displayed as "Not Confirmed."

  3. If the "Not Confirmed" message is appearing, navigate to their Security page and click the "Resend Confirmation" button.

    This process will re-send the email confirmation email to the person. This email contains a unique link, that once clicked, will confirm their email address within their Wicket profile.
  4. Instruct the user to check their email and click the link.

Once successfully confirmed, their profile will no longer display the "Not Confirmed" message, and "Login" will appear instead.

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