User reports login error message - "Email not found" when attempting a password reset

Ryan Knuth
Ryan Knuth
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Occasionally, a user may report receiving the following error message when attempting to reset their password:

"Email not found"


This error can be returned for a few reasons:

  • The user has mistyped their email address
  • The email they are using does not exist anywhere in Wicket
  • The email they are using is not flagged as "Is Primary (Used for login)"

To verify their email address:

  • Search for the email address they are attempting to use, or
  • Search for their record by their name
  • Verify the email being used for login. This is marked on their profile as "Is Primary (Used for login)".

Confirm with the user which email is set as Primary and update it if required. Then, ask the user to attempt another reset password with the proper address.

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