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Add Membership

To assign a Membership to an Organization in Wicket, navigate to their profile's Membership tab.


  1. Click "Add Membership"
  2. From the "Tier" dropdown, select the Membership you'd like to apply.

    Note: Only Active tiers applicable to Organizations will appear in this dropdown. Read more about managing Member Tiers.

  3. Select the Membership Owner by entering their name or primary email address. The Membership Owner can be assigned to any person within Wicket. This field will automatically return a list of matching people records.


    Important: Granting this to a person will allow them to manage the Organization's membership and membership Assignees. The capability for the Membership Owner to manage the membership must be built into your website or application. Membership Owners are unable to login to Wicket admin.

  4. Optionally, enter Starts At and Ends At dates.

    Note: If you do not enter any dates or an Ends At date, the membership will be active indefinitely beginning on the Starts At date. You can edit the membership later, and enter an Ends At date if desired.

  5. Click "Save."

    The membership is now applied to the Organization record.

Edit Membership

To Edit a membership on an Organization:

  1. Click the membership to be edited in the Membership table. The Edit Membership form will open.
  2. Make your changes and click "Save."

Delete Membership

To Delete a membership on an Organization:

  1. Click the membership to be deleted in the Membership table. The Edit Membership form will open.

    Click "Delete Membership"

  2. Click "Really delete?" to confirm deletion, or "Cancel" to close the Edit Membership form.

    Note: If there are People assigned to this membership, you will be unable to delete it. You must first unassign, then delete the membership.

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